The Laser Clinic by Marrakech Spa

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We provide the perfect pamper and ritual experience for your Little princess 

- Birthday's,

-Exam Results 

-a treat with friends.

 An experience they will never forget.  90MIN  of pamper fun.

kids PamPer Party Pamper Party

- £150 for 10 girls (1h30)

1. Mini Facial (Calming White Face Mask)

2. Mini Pedicure

3. Mini Manicure

4. Mini Shoulder Massage & Head Massage

5. Finger Nail Paint

6. Toe Nail Paint

7. Juices In Champagne Glasses

8. Mash Mallows

9. Food Platters ( COLD OR HOT) + Fruits + Drinks + Crisps

10. Hellium Balloons x10 (1 For Each Child)

11. Extras: Make-up £5 For Each Girl

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